Some European stakeholders today consider the solar industry only as designing, installing and maintaining solar installations. Many media and policy makers show no awareness that solar PV technology is a core heritage of EU industrial development and that more than 300 companies are still busy along the industrial value chain. Others even consider the industry as dead. To keep the industry and industrial production in Europe and to create an environment to invest and grow this perception immediately needs to be modified. To achieve this, the ESMC will be the first and only group representing the full value chain needed for PV manufacturing in Europe – technologically neutral, covering all materials, equipment, research topics and manufacturing of finished goods.



In the current international trade environment, we strongly believe Europe as a whole should maintain and develop a strong footprint in the upstream part of the PV sector, manufacturing mass PV products, focusing on quality and innovative products. In a globalized environment, Europe must play an important role in the international markets, by taking a fair role in global PV trade.